How To Choose The Perfect Gift For Wild Swimmers

Choosing the right gift can be a challenge, especially when a person has a hobby that you may know little about. Wild swimmers are often thought to be such a challenging example. It is easy to ask, what, aside from a swimming costume, might they possibly need? Additionally, there is a distinction between summer swimmers and those brave enough to dip into cold waters, with each requiring their own accessories.

To help, we’re sharing a guide to the best gifts for wild swimmers, those items that they might need, and those that they will certainly want!


It may seem strange but gloves are a popular accessory for wild swimmers, especially those who choose to frequent low temperatures. This is largely due to the prolonged chill extremities are exposed to. Gloves help to alleviate the cold and keep hands well-circulated and responsive, thereby keeping swimmers safe even during a long winter swim.

Changing Robe

Wild swimming doesn’t have the conveniences of a changing room and this can be quite awkward for those stripping down at the beach. Additionally, there is a need to dry off and, often, warm up once out of the water. This is where changing robes come in. They work to dry and warm the body, while also offering a discreet covering to those needed to change after a swim. Certainly something every swimmer needs.

Tow Float

If you know a wild swimmer who is just starting out, they may not already be equipped with a tow float. This accessory is a must-have for those who have built their confidence and are taking to swim for longer periods of time and across further distances. These colourful floats ensure that swimmers maintain visibility and, therefore safety, when out in the water.

Swim Shoes

Shoes might not seem like the most natural piece of clothing for swimming but they are remarkably useful. Shoes offer the warmth of gloves for feet but also allow for grip and protection against the ocean floor, which is perfect for those who must enter the ocean and lakes in rocky areas.

Rash Vest

There are a number of reasons why a swimmer might benefit from a rash vest, also known as a rash guard, which is not to say they might also enjoy the wonderful styles that such items of clothing are available in. They work to keep swimmers warm in the winter but also to protect them from pesky jellyfish stings during the warmer months too.

Insulated Water Bottle

Having a fancy water bottle, one that is equipped with modern amenities and can ensure cold and hot liquids retain their temperatures for longer periods of time is an indispensable asset to swimmers. Whether ensuring swimmers have a hot drink as they emerge from the water or are able to even filter nearby streams for their own refreshment, a modern water bottle makes for a great gift. A number of designs are environmentally friendly too, being made from recycled ocean plastic, helping swimmers to help support the water they’re swimming in.

Post Author: Jacob Ethan