Why Would Someone From India To Germany Need Travel Insurance?

The breathtaking landscape, rich culture, and soul-stirring historical sites of Germany are enough reasons to put it on your travel bucket list.

However, as Germany is a Schengen country, you would require a travel insurance plan along with your visa and other travel documents. Considering its coverage and benefits, travel insurance in Germany can be seen as a protective financial umbrella against any unplanned and unpleasant events on your trip.

You can opt for business travel insurance if your trip is work-related. It will get you specially curated coverage for your business trips. Moreover, even for a leisure trip, travel insurance can take away your financial worries if an incident occurs when you are in Germany.

Let us find out why you should buy travel insurance for Germany.

 Some Quick Facts About Germany

Category Fact
Capital Berlin
Time Zone GMT + 2 (Central European Summer Time)
International Airport Frankfurt Airport, Hamburg Finkenwerder
Language German
Best months to travel May to September
Currency Euro

 Is it Mandatory to Buy Travel Insurance in Germany?

As Germany is one of the Schengen countries of Europe, a travel insurance policy is essential to travel to the country.

The travel insurance plan should provide you with a minimum coverage of €30,000 against medical and other mishaps on your trip to Germany and other Schengen countries.

 Benefits of Germany Travel Insurance

Although being a legal mandate is a primary reason to get travel insurance for Germany, it is not the only one. Here are the different ways you can benefit from a travel plan on a trip to Germany.

  • Round-the-clock customer support: With a travel policy, you get 24×7 customer support for all travel-related issues. It saves you from being stranded in foreign lands for lack of information and support.
  • Delayed and cancelled flight coverage: International flights are expensive. And it is expensive to re-book a delayed or cancelled flight. A travel insurance plan covers this expense. Moreover, your travel insurance gets automatically extended by 7 days if your return flight to India gets delayed or called.
  • Medical assistance: If you fall sick on your trip to Germany, you need not pay for the country’s expensive medical treatment and hospitalisation costs. Travel insurance covers these costs for you.
  • Lost or delayed luggage: If your check-in baggage gets lost or misplaced at the airport, your travel policy provides coverage to enable replacements.
  • Lost passport: If you lose your passport during your Germany trip, the travel insurance plan compensates for it, and you can apply for a replacement.
  • Personal liability coverage: A travel insurance plan offers personal liability coverage if you become liable to a third party for a covered cause on the trip.

 Where Can I Buy Travel Insurance for Germany from India?

One of the best features of travel insurance is that you can buy it online. You need not make rounds to the insurance company’s office.

With leading insurance companies like Tata AIG, you can understand the policy features in detail, check your eligibility and the premium payable, and buy travel insurance online at a time of your choice through a transparent and quick process.

 Travel Documents Required for a Trip to Germany

  • Passport with at least 3 months validity.
  • A valid Schengen visa.
  • Valid travel insurance for Germany.
  • Recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Travel itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation and to and fro air tickets.
  • Salary and financial documents.

 Things to Keep in Mind When Travelling to Germany

Germany is a tourist-friendly country and is a relatively safe place to travel for business or leisure. However, keep the following in mind for enhanced safety during your stay:

  • Familiarise yourself with the transportation system in Germany, especially in Berlin. Berlin has 3 fare zones, and if you plan to travel by rail or underground subways, it can get a little confusing.
  • Recycling is a part of German culture. Therefore, ensure that you avoid using plastic wherever possible and use the recycling depots as much as you can.
  • German is the main language there, and you might find English speakers commonly. So, learn a few common and useful German expressions before your trip.
  • Germans consider it rude to be late for work or to be too loud in public places.
  • Make copies of your visa, air tickets, travel documents, and travel insurance as a backup.


When you plan a fun or business trip to Germany, do not forget to get travel insurance for Germany. Being a Schengen country, Germany requires you to have travel insurance of at least €30,000 to enter the country.

In addition to being a legal compulsion, a travel issuance plan to Germany provides you substantial financial protection in case of an emergency on your trip.

Post Author: Jacob Ethan